Super Mario Odyssey – 2017’s Game of the Year

Nintendo's year has been a wildly successful one - their mobile presence, though increasingly derided, has been significant; they have won back the adulation of the press and the wallets of the many with their latest console, the impeccable Switch; and their roster of exclusive releases was jaw-droppingly impressive. The masterful Legend of Zelda: Breath … Continue reading Super Mario Odyssey – 2017’s Game of the Year

Star Wars Battlefront II

Campaigns are overrated. DICE's vignettes in Battlefield 1 were  enjoyable but fleeting and over-praised - that game's multiplayer was its heart, a situation familiar to the developer's fans. In Battlefront II again the highly advertised and teased single player offering is pointless and short lived - admittedly with some decent budget behind it. The game charts the story … Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront II