The Last of Us Part II — 2020’s Game of the Year

Fury, upset, bafflement, isolation, devastation and loss. An emotional array that we've all pushed through in varying comibinations over the last 12 months found itself a champion in Naughty Dog's latest, bleakest masterpiece. Triggering an unsurprising but nonetheless despicable storm of fury from the depraved right wing that has come to dominate games culture, Neil … Continue reading The Last of Us Part II — 2020’s Game of the Year

Untitled Goose Game — 2019’s Game of the Year

Oddly, it wasn’t even close. Only The Outer Wilds and Control held a candle this year, with exploratory, calm melancholia in space and eerie phantasmic combat. For mastery of play, though, for physical comedy and non-violent power struggles, Untitled Goose Game conquered even the most overblown of budgets and highly-advertised mainstream efforts. Developers House House … Continue reading Untitled Goose Game — 2019’s Game of the Year

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

There's a surprisingly persistent perception out there that there hasn't been a good Star Wars game in aeons, perhaps since Knights of the Old Republic II. Never mind that Battlefront II was actually a fun, and extraordinarily high-fidelity team shooter that still attracts thousands of players today, because Jedi: Fallen Order has been greeted with … Continue reading Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order