Phantom Thread

If Phantom Thread is really to be Daniel Day-Lewis's final film, he has signed off with a suitably superb performance in Paul Thomas Anderson's latest exploration of power and relationships. This is a challenging and multi-faceted picture. Reynolds Woodcock, Day-Lewis's latest inhabited persona, is a celebrated and dedicated dressmaker to the 1950s elite in Bloomsbury. He lives … Continue reading Phantom Thread

Last Flag Flying

This year's awards season of releases has seemed at times to demonstrate a grand Hollywood collusion to chart the many ills of America. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Post, Downsizing - all have lambasted different elements of American society, lamenting its decline. Richard Linklater has built a reputation on subtler explorations than these films, and Last Flag Flying is another … Continue reading Last Flag Flying


All of a sudden, without warning, Alexander Payne has dropped a clanger. After the quiet, consistent success of his previous films from Sideways to Nebraska, his latest effort is a mess, pure and simple. Downsizing is a confused and confusing film, naively nostalgic and structurally lazy. Matt Damon is Payne's everyman hero, playing Paul Safranek, a workplace physiotherapist who observes … Continue reading Downsizing