Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart has a gripping and anxious presence in this unsettling and somewhat unsatisfying thriller from writer-director Olivier Assayas. She plays Maureen, a young woman marooned in self-imposed isolation in Paris after the death of her brother Lewis. An individual attuned to the spiritual world, Maureen is attempting to contact her departed brother, searching for certainty … Continue reading Personal Shopper


Paul Verhoeven doesn't do subtle. It's a view that's easy to countenance, if one only recalls his most famous films. Robocop; Total Recall; Basic Instinct; Starship Troopers perhaps most of all. These films wear their views openly, emblazoned on their sleeves the symbol, perhaps, of a winking smirk. Each has a position or hypothetical to explore, and does so brazenly. With … Continue reading Elle